My Rainy Days.

Do you know what Enjo k?sai? No? Then read.

This is what has been 17-year-old “angel” - Japanese schoolgirl ™ Ozawa Rio (Nozomi Sasaki) - together with her friends. However, even their girlfriends can not be named, because people are for it only source of money: if a person can not be used for personal gain, he did not care. Of course, she has a terrible secret about a terrible ™ event in her youth, after which her heart was callous and heartless, but Rio prefers not to think about it and not to tell anyone.
What was going to happen to this cold and calculating person suddenly turned into a tender and gentle angel? Of course, love! Love at first sight. For a man who is twice her age with whom she brought an unexpected event. His name Koki Ozawa (S?suke Tanihara), he teaches at the University of the history of Japan. And everything is good, but it does have one of those terrible misfortunes ™, without which it can not do any sentimental Japanese movie …
Love story … The story of rebirth … a true romantic!

Starring: Nozomi Sasaki, S?suke Tanihara, Hikaru Yamamoto, Mitsuki Oishi, Araki Nanak, Saki Kagami, Motoki Fukami, Wakana Sakai, Mitsuru Fukukosi, Mayumi Vakamura, Kanji Tsuda.

The inscription on the poster: anata ga watashi ni, hikari wo kureta - «You gave me the light.”

My Rainy Days

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