My Lucky Star.

Description: Xia Zhi Xing - crook, she forges jewelry famous jewelry brands and trying to sell them to people.

Last its attempt to sell fake fails, in the midst of the transaction, the buyer was willing to pay, vigilant law enforcement officers prevented this. Xia Zhi Xing and her accomplice (besides being the her boyfriend) had to split in order to escape from the brave knights of justice. If the guy Xia Zhi managed to escape, the heroine of the less fortunate, she stumbled upon Zhong Tian Qi, the second son of famous jewelry empire “I-Shine”, which has just rejected his girlfriend. Because of him, she manages to escape, and she has to go to jail, but the guy she never issued.
A year later, Xia Zhi Xing released from prison for good behavior, she is full of energy and determination, ready to meet with her boyfriend, who was waiting for it for a year and during that time had become a big shot and get your own business. Here are just a heroine again no luck, she met Zhong Tian Qi the second time and again almost got into trouble due to his fault. The girl took Tian Qi for the cheater and a thief, not even knowing that he was heir to the “I-Shine”, the production of which she forged so many years.
Zhong Tian Qi will witness how betrayed and deceived Xia Zhi Xing and Xia Zhi Xing will be witness to how to hurt Zhong Tian Qi. It will be the first to believe in her, and she will give him a sense of family. But wealthy heir can not always help swindler and former prisoners …

My Lucky Star