Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

Between heaven and hell stretches a huge Daten City, where millions of people live a normal life - little by little sin, suffer little by little, to the best of seeking happiness and pleasure.

Here are just a human life is constantly interfering evil spirits, in which there is absolutely no council - except fervent prayer, of course. And Heaven responded by sending aid to those who suffer from two intrepid sisters angelic forces with wise mentor …
In fact, the sisters angels from Paradise just thrown over ugly behavior - and it was for that. The eldest, Panti (nicknamed Panties) - a complete nympho and bogohulnitsa; younger, Stocking (she chulochek) - lazy and sweet tooth in the form of “Gothic Lolita”. In addition, the sisters in great shape suffer sadomasochism, rude and a complete neglect of morality and private property. But God is merciful - he gave Exile chance to return to paradise if they izvedut in evil spirits, simultaneously earning a certain number of celestial currency.
So now Panti and Stocking well on the path to reform and cooperation with the administration on behalf of their curator Garterbelta (aka Father Poyasok). Turning in guns panties, stockings - a katana, and a sweet little animals Chuck - even the devil knows what, the heroine of breast defended Daten City and absurdist comedy-genre!

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt