The World God Only Knows.

17-year-old Kamen Katsuragi - bespectacled and textbook gamer who spends his days and nights for the favorite prefix, passing all appear Deit sims.

The guy does not care about the real world, but among otaku, he is the proud title of “God-conqueror,” because it is believed that in the two-dimensional world is a girl who was “God” could not win. Celebrating ten-thousandth of a victory, the hero has received a letter in which someone questioned his glory and asked - Will the “God-conqueror” prove their abilities? Kamen puffed up without thinking, agreed, but in vain - because by doing so he signed a contract with one of the highest infernal demons!

The essence of the contract, as explained naparnitsa new hero, cute devil Elsie - hunting for runaway spirits who, willfully leaving Hell, find shelter in the girls’ hearts. To catch a fugitive, he should be ousted from the heart, achieving the love of a beautiful lady, what Katsuragi, as we all know, an outstanding expert. In vain did the poor man shouted that great only in the virtual world, and the three-dimensional can not stand - the demons is useless to argue, well, the penalty for failure have only one. Kamen wanted to live, and, reluctantly, he decided to try, especially since Elsie promised all sorts of technical assistance. And the strangest thing, man soon realized that gaming devices are excellent for a real girl, and no matter who is in front of him - the man or demon goddess!

The World God Only Knows